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Basic Admission Requirements

Basic admission requirements for degree programs

① For bachelor-degree programs, applicants should be senior high school graduates;

for master-degree programs, applicants should complete bachelor-degree programs successfully and be awarded with bachelor diplomas;

for doctorate programs, applicants should complete master-degree programs successfully and be awarded with master diplomas.

② Language skills of new HSK test with scores of HSK4 or former HSK test with scores of HSK5;

③ Applicants without HSK scores should join in the language training program organized by     the School of International Education, AHUT. Those who successfully pass the university-organized language test after the training can transfer to the academic study.

④ Good health condition.

Basic admission requirements for non-degree programs

① No specific language requirements for language beginners. For intermediate and/or intensive language learning, basic Chinese skills are required.

② For other courses study, basic Chinese or English language skills are required.

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