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Research fields

1. Environmental pollution ecology and environmental chemistry

Based on the environmental chemistry and monitoring theory, study mainly in water and waste water, soil and air, of various pollutants, including general pollutants, heavy metals, persistent organic pollutants migration conversion, environmental behavior and ecological effects;

2. Environmental monitoring and environmental management

Focus on agricultural production, rural development and livelihood concerns of farmers on pollution-free agricultural goods (green food)production, Pesticide residue monitoring and control, agricultural construction project, environment impacts prediction and control measures, small towns and other aspects of environmental planning. The main contents include environmental monitoring and safety evaluation of biological, environmental impact assessment and environmental economic analysis, environment planning and management.

3. Migration and transformation of pollutants and bioremediation

Study of water pollution control mechanism on the theoretical basis of environmental chemistry and environmental monitoring.

4. Environmental Biology and Environmental Microbiology (biological processes)

On the basis of biological and microbiological theory, focuses on the micro-organismson wastewater, soil and air in pollution control process, including general pollutants, heavy metals, persistent organic pollutants in the biological repair mechanisms and techniques.

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